Original Apple Airpods 2nd Generation - Refurbished - Sanitised



Refurbished Apple Airpods 2nd Generation, scratches are removed. New

condition, batteries are tested and at 100% full capacity. Wireless charging tested,
comes in generic box and generic cable. Please kindly read full description and disclaimer for understanding.


Refurbished Apple AirPods 2nd Generation
Automatic connectivity,
One-tap setup for all your Apple devices
Quick access to Siri,
More than 24-hour battery life with Wireless Charging Case
Charges quickly in the case
Rich, high-quality deep audio and voice
Seamless switching between devices
Battery life depends on device settings, usage, and many other factors

Apple iOS controlled Noise cancellation and filters

Box Includes: 1 x Charging case, 1 x Pair of AirPods 2nd Generation (Left and Right Earphones) ,1 x Lightning to USB cable.

Warranty is supplied by the seller.

Item location: Melbourne Australia, could be dispatched from UK if out of stock in our Melbourne office but delivery time will not be affected    


Few points that we want to raise before sending your item are:

- The product is refurbished (according to the item description).
- The outer core plastics have been replaced with after market plastic parts.
- The internal components are official Apple, but some batteries may be changed.
- It comes with a generic box that shows the image of the product inside.
- Serial numbers will not match the original motherboard inside. Please note that they could not be verified on the Apple website.
  Please keep this in mind to avoid any misunderstanding.
- The item comes with 3 months warranty supplied by the seller.
- Any problems with the device please contact us. We will pick up the defective product from buyer's address and replace it with a new one.

If you have more questions, feel free to email us. If you wish to cancel the order, we will be happy to issue a refund.