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Deals24 hold rights to accept or reject any warranty claims based on false information if provided by the sender. Any accidental damage which is not covered under buyer agreement, software manipulations or even phones which are not purchased from us could be considered as criminal offence and violation of User Rights Policies and could be persecuted accordingly. Return process takes 5 to 7 working days which should be kept in mind while sending the device back for warranty recovery. After you will submit the form you will be given a reference number which you could use to track the progress of your returned phone in our system, please send the device back with that reference number and if possible please print out this form and send within the parcel. Buyers must send the device back via 1st. Class Recorded Post as Large Letter which should cost not more than £2.50 if posted through Post Office counter. International customers should use appropriate service and contact us for further details.